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    • Rochester Optical is a global leader in optical innovation with more than 80 years of frame and lens manufacturing experience. With multiple divisions including a state-of-the-art optical lab, wholesale operations, government contracts, and research and development, Rochester Optical is a truly unique optical company focused on community, development, and innovation.
    • Rochester Optical is proud to have a long history of providing specialized eyewear to the military. In 1932, Rochester Optical began as a manufacturer of high-quality lenses, and we quickly gained a reputation for service and quality. Rochester Optical remains a leading supplier of specialized military eyewear today.
    • Our future, like our past, is focused on innovation and dedicated service. ROMCO stock lenses offer the widest power range available, from -10 to +6 SPH out to a -6 CYL*, and our extensive selection includes other leading brands. Our stock lens offering is designed for efficient and cost- effective processing, and to help you stay competitive. 
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